5 Things to Ask Yourself before Buying Champion Juicers

Things to ask yourself before buying champion juicer
Champion Juicer
Champion Juicer

There are a number of champion juicers that can really help you in making fresh vegetable juices and stay healthy. Unluckily, the juices we purchase from health stores contain only a few ingredients that can benefit our body and health.

Squashes that are available in stores contain many man-made preservatives and artificial flavors which are not helpful in providing proper nutrients and vitamins that you need. However, if you purchase a champion juicer with hydraulic press for your home, you will be in a position to save money as well as benefit from juice made at home.

Champion juicer parts are easily available just in case your juicer breaks down due to wear and tear. Here are some of the things you should consider before buying a champion juicer 4000 juice extractor machine.

How Much Am I Ready To Spend?

First of all the most important thing is to find out how much money you can spend. There are a number of champion juicers on the market that vary in price and specifications. Find out the champion juicer reviews, specifications and pros, and cons according to your needs, requirements, and budget.

Difficulty in Handling

It is important to ask yourself how much money you can sacrifice for your health. For good health, you need to make juice everyday maybe twice or thrice a day. Try to avoid those champion juicers that are difficult to clean and assemble because you may not have enough time to waste on making juice.

Quality of Juicer

Not every juicer is of superior quality and it does not matter how much it costs. Even the most expensive may not work even for 4 months. Some of the inexpensive champion juicer machines may work for a number of years without any damage.

Apart from the cost of juicer, you may not get the proper blend of juices if it is of poor quality. It is always important to go through the champion juicer reviews before you waste your hard-earned cash on a juicer that is not effective.

Warranty of Juicer

Buying a champion juicer is an investment, and therefore, you should get champion juicer warranty and replacement of champion juicer parts, in order to save extra amount on repair. Make sure to find the juicer with a warranty, even if you have to spend some extra money on it.


You can find Champion juicers with different speeds, and prior to settling on one, you must ask yourself whether speed really matters to you or not.

If you are always in a hurry to make champion juicer recipes in the morning when you have to go to the office, you may need a high-speed champion juicer. Try to settle for the juicer that fits your needs and requirements.


  1. Good to know! I would never have thought to ask myself these questions, life saver!

  2. The best thing about this juicer is to be able to prepare great and healthy dishes!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I would love to buy a high-speed champion juicer that can be easily cleaned to save some precious time. ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

    • Please do, and thanks for reading the post.

  4. I’ll keep this in mind. I do want to get a juicer at some point since I love fresh juice.

    • Plan to purchase one Amber. Thanks a lot.

  5. Getting the proper blend of juice is very important to me. And yeah, I also proved that the cost doesn’t guarantee the quality of the juicer. Applies to any appliance I think.

  6. Good to know. I’ve never bought a juicer before and wouldn’t know the first thing about it. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  7. I don’t have a juicer, but I’d love to get one, as fresh juice is much healthier than the ones we buy. I didn’t really realise that there are so many questions we should ask ourselves before buying them. 🙂

  8. This is really interesting. I have been thinking about getting a juicer but really wasn’t sure what to look for.

  9. I’ve been thinking about buying a juicer actually! This is very good to know, will keep it in mind.

  10. Juicers are handy, but hard to pick the correct one. There’s a huge variety and prices. It’s hard to tell which one to pick. This is definitely helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I really miss my juicer from when I was married. It was so useful and I loved the juice I got. I will have to check this out. Sounds great.

    • Thank you, David, for reading the post.

  12. Thanks for these tips. In India they are not availalbe but your questions will help with any brand.

    • Anshul, you can purchase via Amazon.

  13. Lisa at Following the Rivera

    I’ve been contemplating on whether or not to buy a champion juicer for a while, and you’ve definitely convinced me to get one. Thank you for these useful tips!

  14. I’ve read not all juicers are created equally and sometimes the price won’t guarantee a good quality product.


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